PrisonPress.com was created to help bring awareness to the broken prison system.

  1. To create awareness around laws and statutes that cause people to go to jail or prison for the pettiest things. Such as drug use, selling cannabis (a plant), or simply speaking freely.

  2. To create awareness around the fact that there are many incarcerated humans that are completely innocent that the justice system has completely wronged and overlooked.

  3. To bring awareness to the way that the prison system operates as a whole. The prison industrial complex (PIC) is a term used to describe the overlapping interests of government and industry. This overlapping has made way into a form of modern day slavery. Private prisons are paid $150 per day per prisoner by the Government, and this doesn’t include labor contracts where prisoners are enslaved out to mega-corporations for pennies on the dollar, sometimes working for free. In other words, prison owners are becoming wealthy enslaving (by incarcerating) their fellow humans. These humans are becoming broken, wounded and diminished in this toxic cycle.

    We believe that with enough voices in unison, sharing the ludicrous nature of these laws, the broken justice system and the broken prison system, we can make a permanent change.